Thomas Van Haeperen is the founder and musical director of Sturm und Klang. With this ensemble, he explores today’s music. He has given numerous world and Belgian premieres of contemporary works (including works by Guerrero, Leroux, Widmann, Schnittke,Van Rossum, Rens, Fafchamps, Bosse, d'Hoop and Slinckx). He is also passionate about the great classical, romantic and 20th century repertoire.

Thomas has also conducted the Belgian National Orchestra, the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, the EuropaChorAkademie, the Pauliner Kammerorchester, the ON ensemble, the Dextuor ensemble, the Leipzig University Orchestra and Choir, and has been assistant conductor at La Monnaie.

With a flair for teaching and working with young people, he is also a violin teacher at the City of Brussels Academy of Arts and regularly conducts orchestral sessions at the Royal Conservatories and higher music education institutions. He has also been in charge of an orchestra class at the IMEP.

Thomas Van Haeperen, a laureate of the Belgian Vocation Foundation, studied conducting in Germany, both in Leipzig with Wolfgang Unger, then in Masterclasses in Mainz with Sylvain Cambreling, to whom he owes the combination of rigour and sensitivity in his interpretation of contemporary repertoire.

Thomas Van Haeperen also holds a Higher Diploma in Violin and a Master of Philosophy, and is interested in everything that unites music with thought, memory and time.