In a spirit of permanent reflection on contemporary musical creation, Sturm und Klang holds a workshop every two years for composers who are finishing their studies or starting their careers.

Organised in partnership with the Composer’s Forum, these workshops offer four composers the opportunity to work with the Sturm und Klang Ensemble over a weekend, around a composition written for the occasion, usually for a large group: wind quintet, string quintet or percussion.

The sessions are designed as a practical orchestration workshop and take place under the supervision of a well-known composer. During rehearsals, dialogue between the composers, the musicians and the conductor of the ensemble is encouraged, while the works being rehearsed are still susceptible to modifications.

At the end of this short residence, the pieces are performed in a public concert and recorded.

This project encourages exchanges between young composers, offering them the opportunity to share their imagination and musical knowledge. It also allows the works to be circulated among musicians.

Participation in the Workshops is free for composers.

Future participants are generally contacted on the recommendation of members of the Composer’s Forum. It is also possible for individuals to submit an application for the next edition.

Organisation of work:

Day 1: two three-hour sessions under the supervision of the coach and score correction/modification

Day 2: three-hour working session and concert





5th edition (2018) Coach : Benoît Mernier


Img 543(from left to right) Thomas Van Haeperen, Benoît Mernier, Eliott Delafosse, Pieter Vandaele, Alice Hebborn, Tim Mulleman

HEBBORN, Alice - Mues


WS I  



VANDAELE, Pieter - Bloesem 

MULLEMAN, Tim - Mangata 

4th edition (2017) Coach : Hao-fu Zhang

(from left to right) Sami Strazimiri, Maxime Georis, Thomas Van Haeperen, Hao-Fu Zhang, Harold Noben, Edwin Pierard

GEORIS, Maxime - Mind Trip  

STRAZIMIRI, Sami - Kohana dreamed again ... 

PIERARD, Edwin - Phi               

NOBEN, Harold - Inner Flood    

Venue : Chapelle du Couvent des Soeurs Noires (Mons)

3rd edition (2014) Coach : Jean-Luc Fafchamps

(from left to right) Denis Ivanidze, Pierre Slinckx, Gwenaël Grisi, Thomas Van Haeperen, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Eric Bettens

SLINCKX - Mariale             

BETTENS - Liquid state     

GRISI - Unchained Roots    

IVANIDZE - Tilde                  

Venue : Chapelle du Linthout (Woluwe-Saint- Lambert)

2nd edition (2012) Coach : Claude Ledoux

(from left to right) Christophe Guiraud, Claude Ledoux, Thomas Van Haeperen, Adrien Tsilogiannis, Alithéa Ripoll, Sarah Wéry

GUIRAUD - Abel (création) 

RIPOLL - Sprech(en) toujours, et cause Gesang (II) (création)

TSILOGIANNIS - Filante, attirante … de l’inaccompli (création)

WERY - A Furious Mouth Dances (creation) 


Venue : La Fonderie (Bruxelles)

1st edition (2011) Coach : Victor Kissine

(from left to right) Grégory d'Hoop, Gilles Doneux, Stéphane Orlando, Victor Kissine


D’HOOP - Opus super missa

DONEUX - Mixtum I

FRANCOIS - Vagues esquisses

ORLANDO - Homo erectus


Venue :  La Fonderie (Bruxelles)