CD Recording - Adrien Tsilogiannis Monograph

From Friday 08 april 2022 to Sunday 10 april 2022

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Flagey - Studio 4 - Brussels

Adrien Tsilogiannis is a composer whose music, tinged with imagination and poetry, speaks to us. Produced by Cypres Records, this recording is the culmination of a 10-year artistic partnership with Sturm und Klang, who premiered the works featured in the program.

Flagey - Studio 4 Brussels Belgium

"Fleeting, captivating… of the unfulfilled" (for ensemble of 11 instruments)

"To Leap" (for ensemble of 15 instruments)

"Portrait of Bat-Enosh" (for flute, clarinet, percussion, and string quartet)

"Jars Anointed with Dream" (for ensemble of 13 instruments)

"Where is the Wound?" (for mezzo-soprano, baritone, and 7 instruments)

"Creation" (for string quintet, mezzo-soprano, and organetto)


Clara Inglese, mezzo-soprano | Cindy Castillo, organetto | Lorenzo Caròla, baritone

Thomas Van Haeperen, conductor


Sturm und Klang

Claire Bourdet, violin | Maxime Stasyk, violin | Ondine Simon, viola | Catherine Lebrun, cello | Natacha Save, double bass

Anne Davids, flutes | Cédric De Bruycker, clarinet | Benjamin Maneyrol, clarinet | Kristien Ceuppens, oboe

Sze Fong Yeong, horn | Frankie De Kuyffer, trumpet | Mavroudes Troullos, bassoon | Nicolas Villers, trombone

Fabian Coomans, piano | Jona Kesteleyn, guitar | Jean-Louis Maton, percussion | Roberta Brambilla, harp