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Discover what the press says about Sturm und Klang through a selection of article excerpts, where critics highlight the ensemble's precision and sonic refinement, as well as its commitment to contemporary music creation.

The twelve musicians of the Belgian ensemble, each using only one medium, unlike the format of Propos recueillis (2011), effortlessly navigate the extreme difficulty of a highly demanding score, under the clear and supportive direction of their conductor, achieving a remarkable refinement of nuance

Bertrand Bolognesi, on the creation of Nachszenen by Jacques Lenot, Roubaix, 17.03.24

While we had already heard works by Adrien Tsilogiannis on other albums, this monograph is essential to recognizing his art and solidifies his place as one of the most brilliant composers on the Belgian scene

Son : 10  Notices : 10  Répertoire : 10  Interprétation : 10  
Pierre-Jean Tribot, recension pour Crescendo Magazine du CD Tsilogiannis s’élancer (Cypres),
également lauréat des Millésimes 2023 de Crescendo magazine

In this polyphony where the lines intertwine without dissolving, the strong cohesion cultivated by Sturm und Klang finely modulates the degree of fusion or segregation of the sonic planes

Pierre Rigaudière, Diapason (September 2023), review of the CD "Tsilogiannis S'élancer"

As the album recorded in 2019 for the Musique en Wallonie label by the same performers (the excellent Sturm und Klang ensemble) had revealed, "La Jeune fille à la fenêtre" is a jewel, a refined piece of craftsmanship or a creation of complex lace, a little less than an hour of constant tension

Nicolas Blanmont, review of a concert at the Stavelot Festival, La Libre Belgique, 08.03.23

Composer Jacques Lenot and His Collected Remarks - Crescendo - May 25, 2022

Propos recueillis
by Jacques Lenot - 2022

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Diese Ensemble stürmt, vor allem aber klingt es.Unter einer präzisen Leitung von Thomas Van Haeperen bestach es durch einen homogen Klang, der bis auf feinste Nuancen ausbalanciert ist und über einen enormen klanglichen Farbenreichtum verfügt.

(This ensemble storms, but above all, it sounds. Under the precise direction of Thomas Van Haeperen, it captivates with its homogeneous sound, balanced down to the finest nuances and possessing an enormous richness of tonal colors.)

Review by the Lippische Landeszeitung (09/26/16) of a concert in Detmold,

featuring works by Deleuze, Fafchamps, Lang, and Ledoux

Brüsseler spitze

La jeune fille à la fenêtre 2020

Classica Brüsseler spitze