Contemporary music ensemble in Brussels

The Sturm und Klang ensemble, founded in 2000 by Thomas Van Haeperen, retains over the years, from its reference to the pre-Romantic movement known as Sturm und Drang, the ideals of freedom, passion, and individual emancipation. On the "Sturm" (storm) side, the ensemble and its conductor claim as major assets energy, ardor, and enthusiasm, while on the "Klang" (sound) side, vitality, precision, and sonic refinement are emphasized.

It is precisely in this spirit that the performers of the ensemble share a strong artistic momentum and commitment to projects that demand their dynamism, sensitivity, and creativity. They are devoted to seeking in each piece they undertake to play the specific strengths it contains, the ensuing poetry, and the sonic metamorphoses it unfolds.

Sturm und klang - Orchestral ensemble

The programming of Sturm und Klang primarily focuses on 20th and 21st-century repertoires, featuring original and demanding projects. It's driven by a spirit of discovery, seeking new modes of listening, and engaging in dialogue with contemporary issues. Additionally, the ensemble actively supports Belgian musical creation, particularly the younger generation, through composer workshops, regular commissions, and the rediscovery of forgotten personalities from the 20th century.