ECCO Tour - Brussels

On Wednesday 27 september 2023 at 20:00

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La Maison du Peuple - Saint-Gill

ECCO Tour (European Contemporary Composers Orchestra)

La Maison du Peuple Parvis de Saint-Gilles 37, 1060 Saint-Gill Belgium

European creations for ensemble and soloists

Renowned for their energetic and enthusiastic support of musical creation, the Brussels-based ensemble Sturm und Klang and its musical director Thomas Van Haeperen have commissioned three new works for ensemble from composers Jean-Luc Darbellay (CH), Denis Ivanidze (BE) (solo bassoon: Mavroudes Troullos), and Jörg-Peter Mittmann (DE). The ink is still fresh, and the scores hint at three personal ways of sculpting musical time and exploring the expressive possibilities of mixed timbres from string quintet, wind quintet, and harp.

Also on the program for this concert (later performed in Detmold and Berne), a work by Olli Virtaperko, a Finnish composer, and miniatures (*) by Swiss composers Pierre-André Bovey, Ursula Gut, Hans Eugen Frischknecht, and Markus Hofer.


Claire Bourdet, violin - Maxime Stasyk, violin - Julie Michael, viola

Catherine Lebrun, cello - Natacha Save, double bass*

Anne Davids, flute* - Cédric De Bruycker, clarinet* - Piet Van Bockstal, oboe

Mavroudes Troullos, bassoon - Leon Guerrero, horn - Anne Zeuwts, harp*

Thomas Van Haeperen, conductor


Admission: €15 / €10* - €13 / €8* in advance (*reduced rate: children under 12 / students / unemployed)

Reservation by bank transfer BE43 0014 2570 6101, specifying the name and number of seats.

For information, contact

With the support of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, ECSA, Suisa, Saint-Gilles Culture, WBI, Musiq'3, Hörfest Neue Musik, and the Festival l'Art pour l'Aar.

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