Resonances of the wave

On Saturday 04 december 2021 at 20:00

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Théâtre Marni - Ixelles

As part of the Senghor Hors les Murs series

Théâtre Marni Rue de Vergnies 25, 1050 Ixelles Belgium

Dancing, undulating, dazzling aesthetic of the wave: the sonic crafts of the pieces in the program highlight a contemporary musical creation focused on the search for a temporal flow and a dramaturgy that plays between the perpetual, haunting movement and the radiant tumult. Subtle alchemy of strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and piano, a sonic setting rooted in the classical tradition, serving a music of our time. Music that, like Berio's Chemins, seeks to iridesce an existing piece by allowing it to unfold in a new space.


PIERRE BARTHOLOMÉE: La rupture des falaises (2007)

PHILIPPE BOESMANS: Surfing, for solo viola and 15 instrumentalists (1989)

JEAN-PIERRE DELEUZE: Trois Chemins en Hayastan, premiere (2021)

APOLLINE JÉSUPRET: Comme la dansante allure des vagues (2021)

JEAN-MARIE RENS: Missy Vaëliz for solo viola (2017)

STURM UND KLANG: Claire Bourdet (violin), Maxime Stasyk (violin), Karel Coninx (viola), Ian-Elfinn Rosiu (cello), Natacha Save (double bass), Anne Davids (flute), Kristien Ceuppens (oboe), Cédric De Bruycker (clarinet), Sze Fong Yeong (horn), Melina Costa (bassoon), Frankie De Kuyffer (trumpet), Nicolas Villers (trombone), Fabian Coomans (piano), Jean-Louis Maton (percussion), Pierre Adriansen (percussion), Roberta Brambilla (harp), Thomas Van Haeperen (conductor)

VIOLA: Vincent Hepp

PIANO: Laurence Mekhitarian


A co-production: Forum des compositeurs, Le Senghor, Sturm und Klang, Festival Loop