Stavelot Festival - The Girl at the Window

On Thursday 03 august 2023 at 11:00

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Abbaye de Stavelot - Salle François Prume - Stavelot

Sturm und Klang presents "The Girl at the Window" as part of the Stavelot Festival.

Abbaye de Stavelot - Salle François Prume Cour de l'Abbaye 1, 4970 Stavelot Belgium

This chamber opera, composed in 1901 by Eugène Samuel-Holeman (1863-1942) with a text by the writer Camille Lemmonnier, a major figure in Belgian literature. This piece is a surprising lyrical prose with its innovative instrumentation and harmonies. Between symbolism and modernism, Samuel-Holeman immerses us in the musical language of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Pauline Claes - mezzo-soprano

Claire Bourdet - violin

Maxime Stasyk - violin

Karel Coninx - viola

Catherine Lebrun - cello

Natacha Save - double bass

Kristien Ceuppens - oboe

Sze Fong Yeong - horn

Anne Zeuwts - harp

Thomas van Haeperen - conductor