Workshop for young composers

From Saturday 30 january 2021 to Sunday 31 january 2021

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Maison de la Création de Neder-Over-Heembeek - Brussels

6th edition of the Workshop for Young Composers by Ensemble Sturm und Klang

Maison de la Création de Neder-Over-Heembeek Pl. Saint-Nicolas, 1120 Brussels Belgium

Participants of the 2021 edition: Apolline Jesupret, Max Charue, Mateo Bourgogne, Wang Yintao

Coach: Jean-Pierre Deleuze - Conductor: Thomas Van Haeperen

In a continuous spirit of reflection on contemporary music creation, Sturm und Klang organizes a workshop every two years aimed at composers completing their studies or beginning their careers.

In partnership with the Forum of Composers, these workshops offer the opportunity for 4 composers to work with Ensemble Sturm und Klang over a weekend, focusing on a composition written for the occasion, often for a large ensemble: wind quintet, string quintet, and percussion.

The sessions, designed as a practical orchestration workshop, are supervised by a renowned composer. During rehearsal, dialogue between composers, musicians, and the ensemble conductor is encouraged to facilitate a moment where the worked-on pieces are still open to modifications.

At the end of this residency, the pieces are typically performed at a public concert introduced by the coach. For this session during the Covid-19 period, the final presentation will be recorded and filmed, and made available to the participants.


This project promotes exchanges among young composers, providing them the opportunity to confront their imaginations and musical knowledge. It also helps circulate the works among musicians. Participation in the Workshop is free for composers.

Work Organization:

Day 1: Two three-hour sessions under the coach's supervision and correction/modification of scores.

Day 2: Three-hour session of work and presentation concert.