adrien tsilogiannis s'elancer cover

S'élancer - Adrien Tsilogiannis

Sturm und Klang ensemble - Thomas Van Haeperen

Label Cypres
Release: avril 2023

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This first monographic album of the Belgian composer Adrien Tsilogiannis dedicates his music for ensemble, which is largely dominant within his work. These compositions draw from poetic sources as ecstatic as they are abundant: Eugène Guillevic, Serge Venturini, Jean Moréas, to name but a few.

Here, everyone contributes to the encounter of sound with atmosphere, the ensembles summoned for each piece seeming to share a single breath, a breath in service of emotion in its universality.

Thomas Van Haeperen and the Sturm und Klang ensemble bring this music to life by imbuing it with wild energy, dimension, and striking relief!

A poetic energy flourishing in the vastness of the elusive: here is "s'élancer", the first album dedicated to the music for ensemble by Adrien Tsilogiannis, the fruit of a long-standing musical friendship with Sturm und Klang, with the support of Cypres.

S'ÉLANCER | Adrien Tsilogiannis | Ensemble Sturm und Klang | Cypres CYP4661

Jarres Ointes de Songe, for 13 instruments
Three Airs by Jean Moréas, for medium voice and 6 instruments

*The Flower Named Asphodel
*Because of the Evil and the Worst
*The Leaves Will Fall

Filante, Attirante... de l'Inaccompli, for 11 instruments

Portrait of Bat-Enosh, for 7 instruments

Where is the Wound?, for soprano (or mezzo), baritone, and 7 instruments

S'Élancer, for 15 instruments



Clara Inglese, soprano
Lorenzo Caròla, baritone

Sturm und Klang ensemble

Thomas Van Haeperen, direction

Claire Bourdet et Maxime Stasyk, violins
Ondine Simon, viola
Catherine Lebrun, cello
Natacha Save, double bass
Anne Davids, flute, alto flute, and piccolo
Kristien Ceuppens, oboe and English horn
Benjamin Maneyrol, clarinet and bass clarinet
Cédric De Bruycker, clarinet

Mavroudes Dakins Troullos, bassoon
Sze Fong Yeong, French horn
Frankie De Kuyffer, trumpet
Nicolas Villers, trombone
Jean-Louis Maton, percussion
Cindy Castillo, organetto
Fabian Coomans, piano
Roberta Brambilla, harp
Jona Kesteleyn, guitar


"The poem brings us into the world." This thought from the poet Eugène Guillevic tends to reflect Adrien Tsilogiannis's music as much as it reflects the thought itself, as he draws from poetic sources that are both ecstatic and abundant.

This monographic album dedicates the music for ensemble by a composer who, patiently and consistently, has been working on his sonic material for several years, sometimes vigorously shaping it with lively forces, sometimes sewing it with subtle and delicate interlacings. In his inspiration, the music proclaims the word or sings it as soon as the unspeakable soars ahead of poetry. To serve it, each performer brings the musical text to life, delving into the abysses, the voids, and the hollows, carving it with the demanding gesture to let it flourish in the vastness of the elusive.

So what about breathing at the heart of such density? From cellular division to the first beats of a heart coming to life in the womb, from the first cry to the last breath, from one cycle to another, the entire journey involved in such a birth participates in Adrien Tsilogiannis's music in the encounter of sound with atmosphere. The ensembles summoned for each piece all seem to share a single breath, the very one in service of emotion in its universality.