Poulenc Tsilogiannis

On Tuesday 23 april 2024

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A carefree joy, sometimes biting irony, and a certain melancholy - these works propel us with intensity into poetic musical realms, with powerful and contrasting sonic energies.

In addition to an innate sense of melody, two points of convergence in the program: the works of Francis Poulenc for piano and voice are presented in an original instrumental arrangement by Adrien Tsilogiannis. The poetry of Jean Moréas, already present in Poulenc's "Airs chantés," serves as inspiration for Tsilogiannis, leading to a darker and more mysterious vein.


Francis Poulenc (arrangements by Adrien Tsilogiannis)
"The Bells of Malines" - Sung Airs

I. Instrumental Overture
(excerpt from Sinfonietta FP 141)
II. Romantic Air
III. Countryside Air
IV. Pavane & Little Military March
(excerpt from French Suite after Claude Gervaise FP 80)
V. Serious Air
VI. Lively Air
VII. Instrumental Finale
(excerpt from Novelette No. 1 FP 47)

Adrien Tsilogiannis
Three Songs by Jean Moréas

I. The Flower Named Asphodel
II. Because of Evil and the Worst
III. The Leaves May Fall

Portrait of Bat-Enosh 

11 musicians 
String quintet, flute, clarinet, percussion, organetto, vocals, conductor
Vocals: Clara Inglese - Organetto : Cindy Castillo

Program created in March 2023 at Flagey.