Resonances of the wave

On Tuesday 23 april 2024

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Dancing, undulating, radiant aesthetics of the wave.

The sonic crafts of the program's pieces highlight a contemporary musical creation focused on the search for a temporal flow and a dramaturgy that plays between the perpetual, haunting movement and the dazzling tumult.

A subtle alchemy of strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and piano, a sonic setting derived from the classical tradition, serving a music of our time.

Music that, like Berio's Chemins, seeks to iridesce an existing piece by allowing it to unfold in a new space.

Resonances of the wave - 2021


Pierre Bartholomée,  The Breaking of cliffs (2007)
Philippe Boesmans, Surfing, for solo viola and 15 instrumentalists (1989)
Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Three Paths in Hayastan, premiere (2021)
Apolline Jésupret, Like the dancing grace of waves (2021)

Soloists :
Vincent Hepp, alto
Laurence Mekhitarian, piano

Program created in December 2021
at Théâtre Marni as part of the Loop Festival