The soldier's tale

On Tuesday 23 april 2024

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Composed in 1917 by Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), this tale of a soldier who sells his soul to the Devil, inspired by a traditional Russian folk tale, is a melodrama for narrator and seven instrumentalists.

It's also a musical tale about the power of music. "It's not enough to hear the music, you have to see it," said Stravinsky. In The Soldier's Tale in particular, the visual depiction follows the dramaturgy step by step. This revolutionary work, inspired by Russian folk tales, will be supported here by illustrations referencing drawings from that period. A story that is now 100 years old and still resonates with young and old alike for its humorous, playful, and moving aspects.

Lorenzo Caròla narrator
Thomas Van Haeperen conductor
Pieter Fannes illustrations

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